Veterinary Orthopedics in Maywood

Helping Your Pets Heal from Injuries

Does your pet have a limp due to an injury? Have you noticed your cat has a difficult time walking? Unfortunately, pets can sustain injuries which affect their bones or spine and require more intricate treatment. At The Maywood Veterinary Clinic, we are happy to offer orthopedic services to help animals recover from injuries, fix congenital deformities and abnormalities, or recover from degenerative bone or joint conditions. Our goal is to improve or restore your pet’s mobility.

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Our Orthopedic Services

Because the muscular-skeletal system in animals is so intricate, many different types of injuries and conditions can affect it. These can range from fractures to more serious conditions, such as osteoarthritis. When you bring your pet in, we will first take some diagnostic images, such as x-rays, to determine the precise location of the injury or pain.

Once our veterinarians have confirmed a diagnosis, we will be able to help your pet heal through one of the following services:

  • Repair of fractures: Oftentimes, when cats or dogs have complex fractures, surgery is needed to pin bones together.
  • ACL repairs: Just like in humans, dogs can tear their ACL, which is a serious and painful injury that limits mobility. To repair this, we perform a procedure that stabilizes the joint and allows your pet to resume normal activity.
  • Medial patellar luxation repair: Sometimes pets, especially dogs, experience issues where their kneecap becomes unstable and slowly slips out of position. Our veterinary surgeons are capable of performing surgery that stabilizes the kneecap, keeping it permanently in place to prevent further instances of this problem.
  • Joint surgery: Whether your pet suffers from arthritis or is experiencing joint degeneration simply due to aging, we can discuss whether joint surgery would benefit your pet. Oftentimes, pets who receive this surgery experience pain relief and increased mobility.

Depend on Us for Your Veterinary Orthopedic Needs in Maywood

Our veterinarians have over 30 years of experience treating animals of all kinds and sizes. We are committed to providing the quality care that each pet deserves. Trust our Maywood veterinary orthopedic team for exceptional care. With expertise in orthopedic issues, our dedicated professionals provide tailored treatments and surgical interventions for pets with musculoskeletal concerns, ensuring optimal mobility, comfort, and overall well-being. Your pet is in capable hands with our experienced orthopedic team.

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The Maywood difference

  • We're Pet People

    We understand the bond between humans and animals and genuinely care about their health and your happiness.

  • AAHA Accredited Animal Hospital

    Only 15% of animal hospitals are accredited with the American Animal Hospital Association. We always strive to uphold the highest standards in professional pet care.

  • Thoughtful Guidance & Advice

    We provide information and materials to help you understand your pet's diagnosis and make informed decisions.

  • On-Site Pharmacy and Shop

    We offer a well-stocked pharmacy and an on-site retail area with pet treats, prescription diets and other pet supplies.

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