What AAHA Accreditation Means for Your Pet

Boston Terrier outside wearing a yellow sweaterBy now, you’re probably aware of how passionate we are about animal health here at The Maywood Veterinary Clinic. We’re constantly looking for ways to better serve our clients, and our AAHA accreditation falls in line with that ongoing goal. We’re extremely proud of this esteemed designation and want to share more about the many benefits it offers you and your pet.

The Gold Standard

The American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA) was founded in 1933 with the purpose of creating a reputable accreditation program for veterinary hospitals in the United States and Canada. Unlike human hospitals where accreditation is mandatory, the process for veterinary care is strictly volunteer. Currently, only 12-15% of veterinary practices in North America are AAHA accredited.

AAHA has developed over 900 standards of care, all of which are constantly being reviewed and updated to reflect current trends and advancements, including:

How AAHA Accreditation Works

To become accredited, a hospital must review and address AAHA guidelines, many of which require specific protocols and extra steps beyond what’s generally expected in the veterinary field.

An AAHA inspector then visits the practice for a thorough on-site evaluation. Based on feedback, the hospital has a chance to make any necessary adjustments. Veterinarians at accredited hospitals are required to have over 50 hours of continuing education each year, and all support staff is required to stay current on new practices and trends in their respective areas.

Once a hospital is accredited, it must undergo an inspection every three years to maintain its designation.

Only the Best

Meeting the strict requirements of AAHA accreditation means a higher level of care for our wonderful patients. It’s just one way we demonstrate how seriously we take our responsibility in caring for your pet.

For additional questions about AAHA accreditation, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We look forward to hearing from you!