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Wellness Care Includes Behavioral Counseling to Address Pet Problems

animal behavior training

The Maywood Veterinary Clinic offers behavioral counseling to every pet owner at each wellness visit. Assessing the behavior of each pet, from a rambunctious puppy to a misbehaving bird, allows owners to address problems before they become too difficult or disruptive.

Our professional team offers years of experience in supporting pet owners with pet behavioral issues and concerns. Pets that soil in the house, are excessively noisy or destructive, or become aggressive leave owners frustrated and unhappy with their animal companions. Simple techniques can be used to help pet owners and enhance the human-animal relationship.

Prevent Pet Behavior Problems

To prevent the development of problem behaviors in pets, try these tips:

  • Set rules immediately.
  • Be consistent.
  • Encourage good behavior with praise and attention.
  • Correct bad behaviors by providing positive alternatives, such as chew toys.
  • Supervise the new pet and restrict access to a limited area of the house until training is completed.
  • Provide what your pet needs in food, care, attention, and entertainment.
  • Avoid situations that promote inappropriate behavior.
  • Never physically punish which may lead to fear, biting, or aggression.
  • Don’t play rough or encourage aggression or play–biting.
  • Expose pets to lots of positive situations, people, animals, and environments.

Contact your The Maywood Veterinary Clinic if serious pet behavior problems arise and discuss your pet training successes and challenges at each wellness visit.

Pet Behavior Resources

For help with preventing or addressing problem behavior in pets, visit the AAHA Healthy Pet website.

Join the companion parrot community at Good Bird Inc. for information about training your parrot.

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