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The Maywood Veterinary Clinic Provides Canine & Feline Wellness & Care

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Keeping your adult dog and cat healthy and strong – that is our goal at The Maywood Veterinary Clinic. Annual check-ups ensure ongoing wellness, offering the opportunity to review any changes that might indicate a developing problem. Addressing these issues before they become major health problems allows for minimal treatments and less invasive procedures, a more compassionate and humane approach to pet care.

The Annual Exam & Diagnostics

View our puppy and kitten wellness program for an overview of the various vaccinations and preventives available for your pet. Every adult dog and cat receives a wellness plan tailored to the unique needs of the pet and their family. This customized approach to care prevents your pet from receiving more vaccines than absolutely necessary for health and long life.

Our veterinarians give your pet a comprehensive physical examination at each visit, a complete check of your animal from head to tail. Learn more about our pet wellness exam.

At the annual exam, we may perform specific diagnostic tests such as blood work and other laboratory tests, obtaining baseline values for your healthy pet. Three common diagnostic lab tests performed at the wellness exam are:

  • CBC (complete blood count)
    Measures the number of red blood cells, white blood cells, and platelets in a sample; these numbers give us information to help diagnose infections, anemia, and leukemia.
  • Chemistry panel
    Measures electrolytes, enzymes, and chemical elements such as calcium and phosphorous levels; these measurements help determine how the animal’s organs (kidneys, pancreas and liver) are functioning.
  • Urinalysis
    Testing of the urine helps detect the presence of notable substances such as protein, sugar, white blood cells, or blood; the concentration of urine can also indicate a possible illness. Urinalysis helps diagnose urinary-tract infections, diabetes, dehydration, kidney problems, and more.

Then, if your pet should get sick, we compare new lab work to the previous baseline values to determine the exact level of abnormality.

If your pet exhibits symptoms of a developing problem, we may use other diagnostic technology to determine the cause and address it at once. Our comprehensive approach to wellness is designed to keep your dog and cat vigorous and fit throughout their adult lives.

Contact our clinic to schedule an annual check-up for your pet.

Preventing Parasites

Parasites can infect any pet, in spite of the best efforts of the owner and veterinarian. We offer handouts for the common parasites listed here, with a description of concerns and treatment options:

  • Hookworms
  • Whipworms
  • Coccidia
  • Giardia
  • Roundworm
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