Indoor Cats and Intestinal Parasites

indoor cat with intestinal parasitesIntestinal parasites seldom make the list of topics we like to discuss, and yet, parasites are certainly a big part of life – especially for our pets and other animals. When it comes to indoor cats, however, many pet owners mistakenly assume they’re risk-free from these bugs – but they’re not.

In our own practice, we’ve seen quite a few cases of indoor cats with parasitic illnesses, including those in the gastrointestinal tract. To stress the importance of parasite screening and control for all indoor kitties, we’d like to share some basic information about these parasites and the problems they can cause.


Pet Wellness: Preventive Care For Your Furry Friend

Puppy SmilesMost pet owners know to take their pets to the veterinarian when they are sick or injured, but did you know that bringing your pet in for regular checkups when they are well is just as important?

Regular pet wellness exams, at least once per year (more for older pets or those with health concerns), provide the opportunity for you and your veterinarian to discuss questions and concerns, catch any signs of illness or disease, and work together to provide your pet with the good quality of life he or she deserves. Continue…