Exotic Pet Care: Understanding the Needs of Our Smallest Friends

Exotic pet care should include taking your exotic pet to the vet.Dogs and cats reign supreme as the world’s most popular pets, but, for some, our hearts belong to a smaller, more unusual subset of animal friends. Appreciated for their smaller size and many fascinating characteristics, exotic pets, such as lizards, snakes, birds, and rodents, have become more common in recent decades.

Like cats and dogs, exotic pets require proper nutrition, enrichment, and the right environment to thrive. The details of exotic pet care differ from those of traditional pets, but with owner education and commitment, we can provide these amazing animals with the best lives possible. Continue…

The Hospital Lobby: Safety and Lobby Etiquette

Veterinary lobby etiquette is a matter of manners and pet safetyA veterinary hospital lobby can be a busy, but interesting place. It’s fun to see different pets, talk to owners, and visit with staff. However, the business and rapidly changing environment of the lobby can also be cause for situations that can quickly escalate.

The safety of all our patients is very important to us at Maywood Veterinary Clinic. With that in mind, we’d like to pass along some tips for hospital lobby etiquette and safety. Being prepared for your visit can make it more enjoyable for you, your pet, and others.

Lobby Etiquette and Safety

The hospital lobby is a confined space, and although you’ll likely encounter friendly, healthy pets, remember that some pets who visit us are sick or in pain. Being aware that not all who visit us are enjoying good health can help to alleviate many potential problems. Continue…

Maywood Veterinary Clinic Places in Top 100 Veterinary Blogs of 2018

Maywood Veterinary Clinic Placed in the Top 100 Veterinary Blogs of 2018The team at The Maywood Veterinary Clinic is pleased to announce that our blog has ranked #44 in Feedspot’s Top 100 Veterinary Blogs of 2018! This is tremendous news, and we are honored to be ranked among some of the world’s most respected professional blogs.

We are also humbled to have some of the world’s best blog readers. #smileyface

According to Feedspot, the criteria for ranking is based on:

  • Google reputation and Google Search Ranking
  • Influence and popularity on Facebook, Twitter, and other SM sites
  • Quality and consistency of posts
  • Feedspot’s editorial team and expert review

Again, we are thrilled beyond words to make this list and want to thank you – our readers, our clients – for inspiring us everyday with your wonderful pets and your devotion to their well-being.

Thank you.`