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Protect Your Party Animal with Our Pet Cookout Safety Tips

It just wouldn’t be summer without grilling, barbecuing, and plenty of eating! Cookouts top the list of favorite summer activities for many families, and it’s no surprise that our pets want to be included in the fun.

Unfortunately, cookouts provide plenty of opportunities for our curious pets to become injured or get into trouble. Keep them safe from harm with these pet cookout safety tips from your friends at Maywood Veterinary Clinic!


DIY Pet Care in the Age of the Internet

Few can argue against the many important advances the internet brings to our daily lives. To be sure, we’re granted more than enough information with a quick Google search.

However, when it comes to DIY pet care, don’t take any chances by relying on anecdotal advice passed off as medical research, experience, or knowledge. Sure, the benefits of home-based internet counsel are clear enough, but the ramifications of Dr. Google can be huge.

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Parasites and Pets: More Than Just a Pest-y Problem

From mosquitoes to tapeworms to ticks; parasites and pets mix too well, often times unknown to the most attentive of owners. Even innocuous agents, like Giardia and Trichinella—can be dangerous, especially for our furry friends.

The problem with parasites and pets is that pets often make very good (though unintentional) hosts. In addition, parasites can be harmful to humans as well.


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