The Pee Predicament: Urinary Problems in Pets

Urinary Problems in PetsUrinary problems in pets are unfortunately common, and can be extremely unpleasant for both the pet and their human family. Indeed, when a pet is experiencing urinary tract difficulties, no one in the home is happy. Learning about what contributes to urinary issues and how to manage them is our best defense against this uncomfortable problem.


From Pets to People: Zoonotic Diseases

When it comes to illness, most of us probably don’t think about quarantining our pet. In general, diseases stay within one host species, but zoonotic diseases can be passed between animals and people, and so they bear special attention.

Every year, tens of thousands of Americans will get sick from zoonoses. They are very common and the effects can range from mild sickness to death. Fortunately, there are ways to avoid and prevent these illnesses. Below, The Maywood Veterinary Clinic explores the causes and the prevention of zoonotic diseases.


Obesity in Pets: Something Every Pet Owner Should Take Seriously

obesity in petsAfter back-to-back holidays, many of us may be letting out that waistline and thinking about a diet plan in the new year. Our concern about extra weight and its perils isn’t unfounded; obesity is in the headlines as a serious epidemic in our country and, not surprisingly, our pets are catching up with us!

Obesity in pets isn’t something we used to worry about. For many animals, their lives were spent outside, working on the farm or guarding property. More recently, and for many good reasons, pets are now being seen as part of the family, which inevitably includes being privy to more food and treats than ever before. Unfortunately, there are big problems with pets packing on the pounds.