Allergies in Pets: A Very Scratchy Problem

allergies in petsHave you noticed Fido scratching a lot more than usual? Are Fluffy’s ears particularly itchy? Or have you noticed skin issues, such as inflammation, in your pet? Allergies in pets is one of the most common problems our patients deal with, particularly our canine friends. Not unlike us, pets do suffer from allergies, which can wreak havoc on their quality of life when left untreated.

The team at Maywood wants pet owners to know more about this problem – which affects many of our fur-bearing friends, and how we can help your pet feel much better.


Does Pet Insurance Really Make a Difference?

pet insuranceImagine the difference between being able to pay for life-saving veterinary care versus opting-out because of the potential for financial fallout…the choice is clear for many pet owners. Pet insurance helps cover the cost of veterinary medical expenses should your pet become ill or suffer an injury. Some plans even cover routine wellness exams and some procedures. But how does it work – and how can it work for your pet?

The Best Way to Use Pet Insurance

Sure, some pet owners budget for pet emergencies, but it’s far more likely that you’ll have to pay for expenses when they pop up (using CareCredit, for example). Pet insurance comes in handy when unexpected or catastrophic events occur and can be used as a risk management tool.


Compelling Evidence: Why You Should Microchip Your Pet

microchip your petWhat’s the size of a grain of rice and encased in a biocompatible glass capsule? It may sound like science fiction, but pet microchips have been the way of the future for years now. Each year, millions of pets enter shelters around the country. Of these, less than 30% of dogs, and 5% of cats are ever returned to their rightful owners. There are lots of reasons why you should microchip your pet, but because it adds insurance against untimely separation, that’s enough for us.

Do All You Can

Pet owners of the modern age are quite fastidious. As a group, they are deeply committed to the health and wellness of their pets, and it shows. Any trip to a pet store will reveal hundreds of leashes, collars, foods, treats, bowls, beds and toys. Pet owners go to great pains to secure their homes and yards to ensure their animals stay within certain boundaries. There are even devices and apps that facilitate total supervision.